Here's how the 15-day guarantee works

Together, we make it happen.

Before the clock starts, you'll need to:
Before the clock starts, you'll need to:
  • Get pre-approved with Clara
  • Upload your signed purchase contract
  • Give your intent to proceed
  • Pay your appraisal deposit
  • Choose your close date

Day 1-5


Clear any conditions and lock your rate within 5 days.


We check to see what additional information we need.

Day 6-10


Answer new questions or upload new documents within 24 hours to stay on track.


We review new documents and help you coordinate your home appraisal by day 7.

Day 11-15


Almost done! Review your closing disclosures and sign your closing docs by the date set based on when you want the loan to fund.


We send your closing disclosures and prepare your closing packet. These are the last two steps before closing, when your funds are released.

If we miss the closing deadline and it's our fault, we'll pay you up to $5,000 at closing. See terms below.

Let's get started!

Why a 15-day guarantee?

Three reasons why closing speed matters:

A fast closing can make you more attractive to sellers, even against cash offers.

You avoid the stress and anxiety of wondering if your loan will close on time.

You can move forward with what's important in your life without worrying about financing.

Get pre-approved now

When we can't guarantee a 15 day close:

  • If the loan amount is more than $636,150 for a single family home.
  • If the property is bank-owned or being purchased through a "short-sale."
  • If the appraisal has to be done more than once, happens later than 7 days, or is less than the contracted purchase price.
  • If you request changes to the loan program, term of loan or down payment amount after conditional approval has been given.
  • If there’s an unforeseen event like a natural disaster that affects our ability to perform, or third party delays.