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Published on June 22, 2017

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Fee Waiver Online Applications

Clara will waive its origination fee of 1% of the loan amount if you complete and submit your application via Clara’s online portal. Terms and conditions apply (see below).

Terms and Conditions

  • Each applicant must have a unique email address.
  • Loans subject to underwriter review, credit, and property approval.
  • Promotion subject to change or termination without notice.
  • The loan must close within 120 days of your application date.

15-Day Close

Clara will close your purchase loan in 15 days, or we’ll give you up to $5,000 at closing. Terms and conditions apply (see below).

Guarantee is available only for purchase loans for single-family properties.
Applicant must have received a pre-approval letter from Clara that covers the subject property before the purchase contract is submitted to Clara. The pre-approval letter must not expire prior to the designated closing date. Pre-approval means the income, assets, and liabilities submitted on your pre-approval application have been verified by a Clara underwriter who issued a pre-approval letter.
You must apply and qualify for a loan from Clara that matches the loan program in the requisite pre-approval letter.
A minimum of 15 days is required to close the loan, as measured from the date on which Clara has received the final, fully-executed purchase contract, the appraisal payment, and your “Intent to Proceed” (the “Start Date”). This Guarantee also applies to purchase transaction closing timelines of longer than 15 days.
You must provide all requested documentation no later than five days after the Start Date.
You must lock your rate and satisfy all loan requirements and conditions, including payment of all advance fee deposits, no later than 5 days after the Start Date.
You must satisfactorily respond to requests for additional documentation and questions regarding your loan application within 24 hours.
Appraisal must be completed no later than 7 days after the Start date.
As always, the information on your loan application must be accurate and must not contain fraudulent information or material misrepresentations.
The appraised value of the property must be at least equal to the contracted purchase price.
You may not request changes to loan program and terms after a conditional approval has been rendered, e.g., changes in loan program, term of loan, or downpayment amount.
You must be available to sign closing documents on the date provided by Clara.
$5,000 credit is dependent on closing credits not exceeding closing costs. The $5,000 credit will be provided only to the extent that closing costs exceed closing credits.
Applicable law or investor requirements may impose a required waiting period prior to closing, and that waiting period may prohibit Clara from closing within the 15-day time period.
Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lender’s Law license and available only for California properties.


Unforeseen circumstances adversely affecting the ability to perform (natural disasters, inclement weather, catastrophic event, or other major event beyond Clara’s control), as well as applicant or third party delays (e.g., inspection findings leading to required repairs or re-inspection, flood zone determination, delay in appraisal due to seller’s or appraiser’s availability), will void the 15-Day Close Guarantee.

The following loan programs are not eligible for the Guarantee:

  • Refinance loans;
  • Loans in excess of $636,150 for single family properties
  • Properties requiring repairs or re-inspection;
  • Bank owned properties or homes purchased through a “short-sale.”


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