Expert Tips on Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Published on October 25, 2017

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The real estate market in Los Angeles is sizzling hot!

Home prices are expected to rise more than 10% this year, bolstered by a growing economy and favorable mortgage rates. Supply is tight—but that isn’t stopping buyers from taking the plunge.

Population: 3.976 Million
Avg. Temperature: High 71.7°F Low 55.9°F
What it’s known for: Sunny climate, beautiful beaches, and the entertainment industry.

If you’re considering buying a home in the region, we’ve got you covered: Check out what our panel of real estate experts said about Los Angeles neighborhoods, including where to find more-affordable pockets and advice for first-time buyers.

Meet our Los Angeles real estate experts:
Santiago Arana, The Agency
Roger Perry, Rodeo Realty
Courtney Smith, Compass
Natalya Shcherbatyuk, Champion Realty

Los Angeles neighborhoods: What residents love

“Los Angeles has become a first world destination with unparalleled potential for investors. We have people from all over the world wanting to invest and/or own real estate in LA. Our economy is strong, and we have a lot of money coming in for new development and still a lot of room to grow compared to other first world destinations, like New York, London, Hong Kong or Singapore—and with the best weather.” Santiago Arana

“Current residents love the weather, restaurants and activities. There’s always something fun to do. Did I mention the weather?!” Roger Perry

“Residents of Northeast LA in particular love the community feel, creative vibe and proximity to Griffith Park, the LA river, great restaurants and unbeatable coffee shops.” Courtney Smith

“Residents love the climate and access to nature—ocean, beaches, mountains—while at the same time living in one of the largest cultural megacities, featuring theaters, museums, restaurants and shops.” Natalya Shcherbatyuk

Los Angeles neighborhoods: Why it’s a unique real estate market

“The market is very ‘pocket’ driven. This means that certain blocks command a higher price per square foot than others. Two properties can be very similar; however, they are two blocks apart—and the price difference could be tremendous.” Roger Perry

“The diversity of the housing stock in Los Angeles stands out, especially in Northeast LA. A buyer could consider the purchase of a single-family home, condo, small lot subdivision townhome, live/work space, or a loft all within a one-mile radius. Stylistically, the housing varies widely as well, from 1920s Spanish to mid-century modern and classic traditional. Los Angeles offers something for every aesthetic.” Courtney Smith

Los Angeles neighborhoods: Hidden gems

“In Northeast LA, some hidden gems are undoubtedly Montecito Heights and Hermon.” Courtney Smith

“There are a lot of great areas in Los Angeles; however, the demand has been so great, they are no longer as hidden. What was once a hidden gem has seen prices jump rapidly!” Roger Perry

Los Angeles neighborhoods: First-time home buyers must-know’s

“In Los Angeles, there are a lot of older houses—some built even 100 years ago. Because of the climate, these houses are structurally very well preserved. Buyers shouldn’t be afraid of old houses. It’s more important for buyers to be sure that the house conforms to seismic standards.” Natalya Shcherbatyuk

“To successfully navigate the complex Los Angeles landscape, it is extremely important to hire a local, professional, full-time agent. Get all of your proverbial ducks in a row, and be prepared to make a lot offers!” Courtney Smith

“First-time buyers should know that good inventory is low. Any move-in, family-ready home in a good area with a good school district can start at $1.5 million and go up from there. Condos start around $500,000 and upward.” Roger Perry

Los Angeles neighborhoods: More affordable options

“For people who want to live in the area but have a limited budget, options include Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights and parts of Cypress Park.” Courtney Smith

“The more affordable neighborhoods include Palmdale & Lancaster, North San Fernando Valley, East LA, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The more affordable oceanside areas are Ventura, Oxnard and Port Hueneme.” Natalya Shcherbatyuk

“If you want to live in LA with a limited budget, you should look on the outskirts, where re-development is starting to happen. Certain parts of Beverlywood Adjacent, Country Club Park, or in parts of the San Fernando Valley, e.g. North Hollywood, are good options.” Roger Perry

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