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Clara gave us the lowest rate. Their application process was easy and we felt secure as if we were talking with a trusted friend.

- Ernesto R., Pismo Beach

Highly efficient and state of the art. I’ve never experienced such a streamlined process.

- Louis R., Rancho Santa Margarita

Best of both worlds – useful intuitive technology and great personal touches. [E]asy to get a hold of a live person when you want to, and easy web interface. 

- Jill K., Hayward

Text based mortgage. Entire conversation on rates and process happened over text and email. They process at super speed and transparent on the entire process. 

- First Time Home Buyer, Emeryville

The entire online process was well laid out and easy to facilitate. Contact Stanley Chen was always available and quick with direction when needed!

- George K., Temecula

Andy Kilburn is a rock star. He kept the process on point while keeping me informed as it unfolded.

- Mike S., Santa Cruz

Excellent!.. No need to print, sign, and fax anything – all electronic! They gave me the best rates and the best service I can ask for.

- Eleonor M., Pittsburgh

[Clara’s] re-fi experience was so much better, easier than the other half-dozen that we have been thru. But, especially the ability to submit many required documents online made it so much easier.

- Philip S., San Jose

There are always bumps in the process, but Clara and our loan specialist Kevin executed perfectly. I think I recommended you guys to about 20 people by the time the process was over.

- James H., Oceanside

Clara has a portal where you input all of your information, sign documents, access your documents, etc. It was very easy to use and very convenient.

- Iris B., Los Angeles

Overall I was impressed with the integrity with the super low rates, fair practices, patience/ helpfulness and overall experience with Clara.

- Lisa B., Modesto

It was the fastest, easiest refinance I’ve ever done. Everyone at Clara was great.

- Elaine S., Palm Desert

Very fast, easy, informative experience.

- Joe T., Folsom

Clara is a modern-day company employing professionals who understand it. Being able to upload, view and sign documents via the Web streamlines the entire loan process.

- Dennis W., Northridge

It was a pleasure working with Clara. They ensured a timely close and kept it on track. Way to go! Thank you!

- Matt A., Long Beach

The whole thing took less than 2 weeks and I was never left guessing what’s going on…highly competitive with rates. This was BY FAR the most positive experience I’ve had in real-estate.

- Jan Marc V., Inglewood

Stanley was amazing… He made the impossible possible, my Mom calls him a miracle worker. I definitely recommend him and the full team at Clara Lending to others!

- Bertha M., Los Angeles

Recently refinanced with Clara. I found the process to be very easy overall. Using Clara is saving me a lot of dough.

- Michael T., Los Angeles

Excellent! Friendly, honest service; easy to submit docs, felt comfortable asking questions, great communication throughout the process!

- Joseph J., Lodi

Best loan experience. We just closed 2 mortgage loans with Clara Lending. They have given us the best loan experience we’ve ever had! 

- Ronald P., Ceres

Everyone has gone through horror stories when trying to refinance their homes. Not us. Steven, from Clara Lending, was our loan officer and made the refinancing process easy, stress-free, and fun.

- Lucio L., Fairfield

Working with Clara Lending has been an excellent experience. The service and attention I received was top-notch!

- Beverly A., Fullerton

Clara’s rates were competitive and their website made it easy to upload required documents. I would highly recommend using Clara Lending.

- Long L., San Jose

The documentation gathering and importing into the Clara portal was top notch and pretty much dummy proof… simple.

- Joe D., El Dorado Hills

It was a pleasure working with Clara Lending. First of all, the loan officer understood my financial goals and was able to find a loan that suited these goals. He also offered a mortgage rate that was very competitive.

- Simon S., San Jose

I initially decided to go with Clara Lending because they were giving me the best rate with the lowest closing costs. What I was not expecting was the great service, deep knowledge, and patience that Josh my loan officer extended to myself and my wife.

- Yancy L., Valencia

The most important part is the rates offered, which was much better than other lenders and better than I had expected. The web portal was an excellent place to view and review status and pending tasks.

- Salvador D., San Jose

Great knowledge and experience. Just refinanced our rental house and the whole process took less than 4 weeks. Jack was great and helped us thru the entire process. We were not shuffled around between lending, underwriting and funding. We had to work a single person mat of the time. Great experience. Will work again.

- Anju G.,

My refi was a less painless experience than expected, the process was run smoothly by my agent.

- Vincente R., San Francisco

Everything they promised with no surprises. Gage was quick to respond to emails and very professional. I would definitely use Clara again

- Angela A., Atascadero

The process was very straightforward. I liked the user portal where I could see which documents I needed to upload and the simplified interface. I didn’t run into any major issues and the refinance was done on time.

- Stuart S., Rancho Cucamonga

Roy Eun is the greatest!! He was patient and explained every step of the loan to me, besides getting me a rate lower than my previous mortgage company. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone with them in the beginning. Clara Lending is #1 in my book and I recommend everyone to use them.

- K.C., Monrovia

I’m amazed that the total cost for my refi was so low! Kevin was great to work with–he answered all my questions promptly and completed the refi process quickly.

- Renee H., Temecula

It was extremely quick and easy.

- Greg J., Los Angeles

Great experience. The fact that I was always in contact with Gage or someone filling in for him. My questions were answered right away. Every was thing handled promptly and efficiently. I felt like and important and valued client. Appreciate the honesty with putting the client’s needs first. Thank you.

- Kyle H., Mt. Meadows

Stanley was awesome he was very knowledgeable attentive and the whole experience was smooth and trouble free! WAY TO GO CLARA LENDING

- Michael K., Red Bluff

FANTASTIC! AMAZING! CAN’T GET ANY BETTER! Gage McGinnis at Clara Lending was great. He is knowledgeable about the industry and was able to answer my questions. He was also sincere – if he did not know something, he checked it out and got back to me quickly. Gage was very responsive, emailing me back quickly each time I had a questions. He was courteous, professional and just a pleasure to work with. No, I did not know Gage before my refinance with Clara; and, actually, I had never worked with Clara before. I had some reservations as they are a newer company. But everyone was so professional and knowledgeable that I was put at ease right away. They also got me the lowest interest rate I was able to find. The process was extremely easy, as all I had to do was upload my documents. Their software made that a very smooth process and I am not a tech person. I would HIGHLY recommend Clara and Gage. Thank you!

- Mary R., Spring Valley

Excellent process, experience and interest rate. Andrew and team are great! Highly recommended, professional, patient, straight forward, extremely knowlegable, quick to respond and thorough from start to finish. Not to mention a great interest rate! Glad that I worked with this Company. After initially talking with other brokers, my experience with Clara, was far superior than all the other firms that I spoke with, even better than the big banks!! Andrew and Clara team, thank you so much!!!

- Shonty S., Los Angeles

I really liked being able to complete the whole loan process, up to the signing of the final papers, through my computer. It made the whole loan process much easier and faster for me, there was always great communications and support by the Clara loan team. Thank you!

- Bud D., Roseville

Kevin B. made sure everything went smoothly. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and the online portal made uploading the necessary documents easy. You guys had the best loan package out of the handful I reached out to and have great customer service; there’s really nothing to complain about.

- Kevin K., Hercules

Clara and Kevin were very personable and clarified the refi process for me.

- Laura B., Woodland

Our loan officer, Roy Eun was excellent!! He was constantly in touch with us and we honestly felt like we were his only clients. He made the process flow so fluently. We have never had such a positive experience, and we have used several mortgage companies in our lifetime. When he went on a weeks vacation he introduced us to his coworker who took over and followed through as if it was Roy working. Clara Lending has a real “team spirit” and we recommend them over any other company!!

- Sharon M., Murrieta

We wanted to refinance. We checked with several other lenders, got credit checks, and were ready to move forward and then we found Gage at Clara. Just get a quote. You will be shocked!

- J. McCurdy, Ontario

I got a 10-year loan at a great rate plus a discount on closing costs. Stan made the process less intimidating, leading us through the steps, so the loan would close in a timely manner.

- Donna P., San Francisco

Stanley did a great job. He kept me up to date on all issues and was quick and professional. His mentorship moved my loan through quickly without any surprises

- Refinancer, Green Valley

I admit my situation was challenging. But Kevin handled it with grace and skill. He did a great job!

- William, Janesville

Clara Lending offered me the best interest rate of all. Applying for a loan with them was the easiest I’ve ever experienced. Their online documentation submittal process is fast and simple. The loan officer who assisted me, Roy Eun, was very kind and professional. Thanks Clara Lending!

- W. B., San Diego

Their use of technology – especially the ability to review and sign documents electronically made the process so easy. The formal escrow signing was conducted at my house – again making it easy and convenient for my wife and I. I did a lot of research and their rates were the lowest available and even included a rebate for some of the closing costs. My loan officer, Roy, was in constant communications with me. Great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone.

- Refinancer, Long Beach

We wanted to refinance. We checked with several other lenders, got credit checks, and were ready to move forward and then we found Gage at Clara. Just get a quote. You will be shocked!

- J. M., Onartio

Gage has provided an extraordinary service in getting me a refinance mortgage that is affordable, with decent closing cost and closed it on timely manner. He had always tirelessly answered and clarified all the questions and concerns that I had during the refinance process. Mortgage industry needs to have more people like Gage. Keep it up Gage.

- Chakravarty R., Folsom

Andrew was very good at communicating what is needed to complete the task. He made himself available to answer my questions via email and phone and worked with me on the task. A guy you never hesitate to call because it might be a waste of his time or a stupid question or worry.. I had a document heavy loan which Andrew seemed to keep organized and under control. In the end we were able to close our 30 day escrow loan on time and without any problems that could not be solved. I was hesitant to do an online loan at first. Then I found out how difficult it was to contact the loan officer at the local Bank. Great rate, personalized service, and on time.

- First Time Home Buyer, Merced

Gage was very easy to work with, efficient, and kept us informed at all times. Our loan was processed smoothly; they made the process look easy. Great Job!!!

- Mima, Florin

Gage at Clara was spot on. He communicated clearly throughout the process and kept things moving. Clara is extremely competitive with the fees and rates. The website makes submitting paperwork and keeping up on your progress extremely easy. Gage and Clara – highly recommend.

- Keith, J., Redlands

I’m really glad Clara exists. For a first time homebuyer who knew nothing about the process, we had no idea what to do, what the process would be, nor how to navigate through any of it. Andy (and Steven) was both tremendously helpful throughout the process in providing education, and always being patient in answering any questions at any time. I truly felt like I was helped through the process and treated like a real person—never felt like I was just a transaction. Thank you so much. And thanks Clara for making the mortgage process better.

- First Time Home Buyer, Ladera Heights
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