Clara Refinancing Home Loans
The mortgage industry is broken. We're here to fix it.

Every year, millions of people waste billions of dollars and countless hours trying to get a basic home loan. Even worse, many are often left to make decisions without a clear understanding of their options. That’s not right.

We think people deserve more from their lender. We started Clara to help individuals and families finance their lives in a more efficient, transparent and empowered way. By bringing technology to everything we do, we will not only save borrowers time and money, but also better address their individual needs and questions. Combine that with great design and customer service, and the mortgage process begins to feel very different. It begins to feel like an experience that gets you where you want to go - into a new home or in a better financial position with your current home - without all the unnecessary stress and confusion.
Our Team

We have assembled a team from top consumer companies and institutions, such as Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Quicken Loans, Bridgewater, Blackrock, JP Morgan, the US Treasury and The White House.

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